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ditasSeptember 16, 2012

Good Morning ~ I can't seem to find my earlier post (forgot to bkmark) sorry! I am planning to plant a vigorously growing Clematis where I used to have SAC (I've relocated) Pink Chiffon didn't fill the bill for the needs of this site. I checked out Huldine or are there any other thoughts?

Please view my album & see what might be good! TIA for your suggestions & thoughts! (Click on pix to enlarge.)

Here is a link that might be useful: SAC & Friends

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

A few of my longest blooming clematis which are vigorous growers--

Duchess of Albany Bright pink tulip shaped flowers
Madam Julia Correvon pin wheel shaped wine red flowers
Gravety Beauty red tulip like flowers
Purple Plena showy double rose-purple flowers

All are small flower varieties but are lovely and prolific

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Thank you mwsgal ~ I bookmarked Clems A-Z & will checkout your suggestions ~ hopefully one of them will provide the shading I'm looking for this site. I undestand that Hummers tend to be territorial, as I've observed w/ this li'l one that practically parks herself in this Chelone Island site!

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true_blue(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

You can try clematis clematis tangutica, Summer snow (Paul Fargas ), clematis rubromarginata or clematis Betty Corning.
Tanguitca has small yellow flowers and flowers in September for 3 / 4 weeks.
It can become really big. I admit I haven't cut mine, so it's all over the place.
My Paul Fargas is quite vigorous. Mine has a 8 feet shoot. It is fighting with the much older tangutica and is doing just fine for a 2 year old :)
Clematis rubromarginata is a tricky clematis. If you have a well drained, sheltered soil it should survive. I planted mine, this year, so time will show. They have small fragrant flowers.
I haven't grown Betty Corning, but I've read it can become quite big.
I've heard huldine can become quite big too.

Good Luck.

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