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Suzy11July 31, 2012

What shape are roots? ARe they flat? I have a flat brown something coming out of a hole. I have mulch covering the soil so do you think that it is mulch or a root? The tree has grown and I think that I will get it transplanted soon. The nursery where the tree is from recommends an all purpose potting mix. My friend used Miracle-gro. Is that good or should I use MG citrus if I can find it? Should I put a little mulch on top? I think that I have it now. Stones or sand in the bottom. My mom, my friend who lives in TX and the nursery recommend a tera cota pot. Mike told me to use plastic. I am so confused.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Sounds like a piece of mulch. Citrus tree roots are whitish and round. If you feel you need to report, I would search this forum for either "gritty mix" or "511 mix". Or, you can try to find Farfad commercial mixes (search our forum for the correct number - their potting soils are numbered, and there are 2 that are very suitable for potted citrus). None of what you're thinking of using are really very suitable for potting mix for citrus. No rocks and definitely no sand at the bottom of the pot, it does nothing to help with drainage, and in fact sand can present drainage and oxygenation issues. There are just tons of discussions on this forum regarding potting mixes, so search for the above and you'll find the messages that talk about how to mix up these two potting mixes. I would save the instructions in My Clippings on GW for future reference.

Patty S.

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sounds like good advise. Thanks

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