Blood Orange From The Wild (Seedling) Interesting Read...

rishelJuly 15, 2012

Hey everyone, have a question...

This is my blood orange tree, it was taken from the wild, from a swamp area. Let me explain a bit more. Behind my house is private property, about 50,000+ acres of private land (swamp, wetlands, and high-n-dry areas, all wooded). There are hundreds of wild blood orange trees growing, literally everywhere. Generally you find 2 to 12 all within a 40 foot area, literally clustered. And the blood oranges on those trees are phenomenal, the best I have had.

The land owner had me transfer some from the wild to his house area (about a mile away), essentially relocating them to around his house, and they are responding and growing remarkably.

In that process he lets me take some and put them at my house, so I transplanted one that was 12 inches tall. Fast forward about 18 months and its now approximately 8 foot tall. I keep trimming the top (twice now) to a height of six foot to get it thicken up, which is working very well.

Anyone have any experience with a similar situation, a seedling take from the wild, and have it produce? I am wondering what the chances are that this will be successful?

These blood orange trees have been growing wildly on that property for over 62 years, and they are literally everywhere, even places you would not expect.

I've seen smaller blood orange trees (much smaller actually, half the size) with blooms on them and more, and yet so far on this one... nothing.

Thoughts? Its a gorgeous tree, but the spikes on this guy are off the charts, literally the length of my palm, more than 4.25 inches.

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This is a picture of the blood orange tree in my yard that was transplanted.

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Well, not with citrus, but I've had some awesome peaches from self-sown trees. If the other wild trees have been of good or great quality as you say, no reason to assume this one wouldn't be the same.

You must live on the equator, your land is sideways ;-)

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Woah, not sure why the picture posted that way. Odd.

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its really not the size of the tree, but the age. the wild trees with blooms you see maybe be a few years older.

one suggestion would be to clear out the grass around the tree, about a 2-3' radius.

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