Fungal infection attacks Aloe trichosantha

wantonamara Z8 CenTexSeptember 5, 2013

I found identical soft leaves on the identical same spot on identical twin aloes this afternoon. I cut the leaves off, dusted them with cinnamon, Removed them from the freshly watered dirt. Tomorrow I will spray them with copper. I will plant them in a couple of days and spray the roots with the copper also

Does this sound like a good program. I did the mistake of increasing watering in the small pots to twice a week on some of the aloes to increase the rate of growth. Some just were no growing very fast. It has been pretty hot. I guess that was not a good idea for some things. My Aloe microstigma was also slow in growing.

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I have not had this sort of problem with either of these species, no mater how much I water them... but not grown either in that low a USDA zone (I live in one that low now, but don't have any aloes anymore). I know some aloes are prone to rot if you water their crowns, so I would avoid doing so in your climate... just water the soil (be sure super well draining) and you should have no more problems. cut off all bad tissue (I use Daconil then) and you should be OK. Be sure these plants are in full sun (both are full sun species).

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Thank you . I usually use draconil, but I am either out of it or I just can't find it but I did grab some copper fungicide when cleaning out my in laws house.

I will move their little pots out into more sunlight. The sun is actually doing that by itself as it gets lower. I am always apprehensive about putting tiny pots out in the Texas Summer sun. 105 at times this week.

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