Ipomoea caudex

johnsonm08(5a)September 29, 2013

Last flower of the season :(
Everything is getting trimmed and put to sleep for the winter.

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Nice plant but one question....why do you trim and induce dormancy? Wouldn't leaving all of the leaves / vines on until they're dying give a little more boost to the caudex, fabulous yet lumpy as it is, to make even more so? I'd guess the foliage is still aiding the plant ATT but that's why I'm asking.

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Space is really a premium in the winter, and this guy grows vines 8'+ (x the number of branches you see). The temps are in the 40s at night and I have more than a couple of pots to clean up and move to the basement. I think it would keep growing till it got actual frost, but I wouldn't chance that.....I guess I just make it conform to my schedule.

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