Eureka Lemon Tree question..

emachado19July 22, 2014

Hi Guys, I have been reading this board for a while and thought I would finally join.

I am a novice to all of this but am so far successfully growing various citrus plants.. I have calamandons, persian lemons (small 1 gallon) Key Lime, avocado, Navel and Valencia orange trees and a eureka lemon tree. I have been dealing with the usual everyone on here deals with, aphids, leaf minor etc..

I have a question about my eureka lemon tree... it is a couple of years old already and I purchased it from a nursury in early may. The tree was infested with leaf minor which I have solved.. the true is flush with new growth now and has lemons on it that don't seem to ripen...

I was wondering if the lemons were affected by the leaf minor to create this burnt look on the lemon? or is this from sunburn?

I would post more pics but I am not sure how to upload more than 1.I am greatly enjoying growing all these Potted plants as it is very rewarding watching them grow and ripen..

any opinions on these lemons and if they are ready to be picked? thanks in advance guys and I will keep doing research to develop my green thumb even further.

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Here is how the tree is doing now..

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This is the tree when I originally bought it in early may. all the leaves shriveled up.. the tree must be at least 3 years old

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Your lemons won't be ready to harvest until about Dec./Jan.; I don't know if they will get yellow in Miami, but they will get a lighter green; if you have a brix meter (refractometer), you can pick them when the brix (sugar %) gets to 6.5 or 7.
The damage to the fruit appears to be from physical damage; I wouldn't stress about. On the other hand, do you see the small holes in the lemon on the left in your first photo? That is bird damage; small birds often pick at green lemons and limes for the citrus oil which they apply to their feathers to drive off mites.

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It is funny that my Eureka Lemon is totally variegated so I am sure the fruit will be striped. Guess there are different kinds.Carol

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