Donkey Tails Help Please

lcadenaSeptember 6, 2013

My large Donkey Tails plant that I've had for several years hanger broke and now I have a million little leaves all over the place. How do I replant all the branches that broke off? Do I clean the leaves off the ends and just stick in new potting mix? Thanks in advance.

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Lay all the little leaflets and branches on top of some soil in a separate pot and they will eventually root into many more plants.


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I've never had any success with the leaflets, they have all shriveled up and died. I just broke off all the stems are-potted them in the soil. Only time will tell. Thanks.

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Another great thing about the Crassulaceae is their sometimes extraordinary ease of rooting leaves - a few simple things to keep in mind and you'll have them with certitude and fine pink roots.

Mist them daily / every other day consistently and keep them warm and at least partially sun-lit and you should have roots in four weeks or less - Nancy guarantees it.

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I had a small pot with three cuttings in it, and when one of them got too long, I just cut it and stuck the chopped end in the soil. It kept its color, but eventually looked like a string of raisins. It stayed that way for so long, I thought it was permanent and was disappointed.

Then one day I realized that I could no longer tell any of the cuttings apart! It took months, but the part I chopped off and stuck in the soil finally developed a root system that was able to support itself enough to plump back up.

Clean up those broken stems, bury an inch or so into the soil (make sure you bury the right end), water very sparingly for a month or so, and see what happens. As long as they don't rot, they're still hanging on. Be prepared for them to look fairly wrinkly for a bit. Try again with the leaves. I have always found them particularly easy to root.

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Thanks everyone for your advice and encouraging words!

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