'Baby' Mme. Julia Correvon

lmschneiderSeptember 15, 2008

This spring I received Julia Correvon from Bluestone...planted the little thing up in about a 1 gal pot. Grew nicely and I pinched quite a bit as recommended on this forum.

Over a week ago I got the itch to plant into its permanent spot, as the fall-like weather really has moved in already. I move plants all the time, so feel like I'm pretty successful in that department. I dug a hole as usual, amended with a little compost and planted and watered. I wouldn't say there was a mass of roots, but there were lots of nice much fatter and longer roots than when I first received the clematis. I placed the base kinda on a hump and allowed the roots to spread outwards and then drape down.

A day or two later I check on it and its still wet and leaves are droopy and darker in color. I have mulched around it already....though continue to check the soil which is still moist even on top. And still today the thing is just droopy and looking well on its way to croaking.

Do you think its not doing well, because its too wet? What should I do? Maybe I didn't plant deep enough?

Any help would be great.

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

If you could post pictures it would be helpful to identify the trouble. My guess at this point is that it is experiencing clematis wilt. I think since it has been transplanted then it is probably working on root production in it's new home so is concentrating it's energies there versus putting out new top growth. Pinch back any sickly looking vines and top growth as to allow it to continue working on it's roots. Clematis wilt is by no means terminal. You will see new growth in the spring. Your clematis may do this same thing for the first few years until it develops a mature vascular system.

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So upon further inspection...I realized all the stems from the base were bent and ready to break off. So I snipped them clean. I do see new growth coming from the ground so I feel pretty confident the clematis is ok...just got damaged during transplanting.

Thanks for the response.

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for updating.


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