Clematis for shade?

tulips91(z6 MO)September 15, 2005

Hi all -

I'm flowerscaping my front bed, which is almost completely in the shade. I would like a shade-tolerant clematis in the middle (on the sides I have hedera helix). I would like the names of varieties that do well in shade, and where to get them. Also, the best time to buy & plant them.

Thank you!


P.S. If you haven't already, check out the Aroids forum; there's a great post called "How do you know when you have too many plants?". It's not just for Aroid lovers (I personally don't have any). I laughed pretty hard, which is bad because right now I'm suffering from a sore throat!

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halds(z4 NE)

Ill be the first one to bite. My Nelly Moser does well in shade, but Im sure there are lots of other suggestions.

You can plant Spring or Fall, just depends on what you prefer or availability. Many of the varieties are sold out now anyway, so you probably would need to wait for early spring to order.

There are several good places to order mail order. Just read some of the threads at the top here, they have been mentioned several times. Chalk Hill, Brushwood, Donahues, Garden Crossings, are the ones that have been referred to me

Other members can tell you which is best for certain varieties, I have not ordered from any yet......

Im sure you will get great advice here...


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tulips91(z6 MO)

Oh no! I just looked at one of those company's website - it looks like this is going to be a new addiction... Thanks, Hal. (-:

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halds(z4 NE)


Check out Clematis on the Web site

Their database can give you lots of ideas for varieties. Once you narrow it down, you could get back to see what others think...


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tulips91(z6 MO)

Anyone had success with "Anna" or "Niobe" in deep shade?

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halds(z4 NE)

My Niobe does not seem to be doing well in part shade. I think I will move it next Spring. If you want a red, my Ernest Markham is a good performer, which does not mind partial shade, there are other viticella red that are good performers, and probably would do Ok in shade, but I am drawing a blank on the names... Someone help? I do not have Anna.


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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

Tulips, my Niobe is under a crepe myrtle and does just fine. It gets no direct sun until late afternoon for three hours max but it does get quite a bit of indirect sun. I have to this point treated it as a type III clematis but will try not severely pruning it this season and seeing if I really get more blooms sooner in the season.

A good red viticella is Julia Correvon but I don't think it will do well in deep shade. Mine gets sun from sunup until about 2pm and does fine in those conditions. I also have Kermesina paired with Blekitny Aniol and they grow under a vitex tree that gives them mostly shade until late afternoon. However, once again, I would not recommend them for deep shade conditions. Most clematis will not do well in deep shade IMO.

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Cybersunday(z5 ca)

Blue Bird is doing very well in full shade, I keep on adding it to all my shady spots. This is an early bloomer. I wish I would know a variety that would grow as vigorously as Blue Bird and bloom in summer

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tulips91(z6 MO)

Thanks all!
Sorry, I wasn't very clear about the light conditions of the bed; it really isn't "deep" shade, it has light almost all day, but not much sun. Get the idea? There is a big tree in the front of the house, and that blocks most of the sunlight. I'll look more at that neat clematis website when I get time.
Thanks again for the responses - and any more ideas would be greatly appreciated!
P.S. I mentioned Niobe because I heard it works in shade, but the reds really aren't my favorite for the area I'm doing - I think it would slightly clash with the house & other plants I would have there. Maybe blues, pinks, whites or purples...

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esthomizzy(London Z9)

Tulips you were right about the too many plants thread it's hilarious :)

With regards to clematis for shady spots. I have armandii against the house where it gets lots of light but only an hour or so of full sun. That works out pretty well.

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linden_ab(AB Canada z3)

I have heard 'nellie moser' recommended for part shade before as it will help prevent the bossoms from fading. I planted an 'elsa spaeth' this spring on the north east side of my house, she only received sun until 10 am. She is rather long this year however considering the plant was a little 2.5 inch pot from the local grocery store and she is blooming right now (thru frost) I am quite thrilled! She is a lovely blue.

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Well, I have had Polish Spirit now for about 10 years. She is planted where she gets sun in the spring only from sunup to 2 pm. After the trees leaf out, she gets sun maybe an hour in the early morning, after that dappled shade, into deep shade for the rest of the day. She faces East. After all these years, I FINALLY got a couple flowers on her this year! Also, she has climbed up to the roof line and beyond -- I guess she's reaching.... So, I guess I'm saying, if you are patient, you can try Polish Spirit -- which is lovely deep purple. I think I had to wait this long because two years in a row I've had a chipmunk totally chow down on the newly emerging clem leaves.....

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I've had good luck with an Alabast that doesn't get a whole lot of sun under my deck in an eastern exposure. The only sun it gets is first thing in the morning, but it grows and blooms beautifully for me.

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tulips91(z6 MO)

Thanks for posting y'all!
BTW, you all have been referring to your clems as "she" - so are there any boy plants??? I'll look up all the ones mentioned here when I get the chance. I have looked at Nellie Moser before and thought, "My, what a pretty clematis. I wonder if it looks that nice in real life?".
Till next post,

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halds(z4 NE)

Hey Tulips91,

Sure there are 'boys'! Lord Nevill, Prince Charles, King Edward VII....all noble indeed..

Nelly Moser certainly is as beautiful as any picture can portray.


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Hi everybody don't forget about Silver Moon one of the only large flowered clems that likes full shade its a killer plant wishing all good growing

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tulips91(z6 MO)

Killer plant....? Hmmm, not sure I want anything that would eat my dogs... (-:

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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

Many of the white ones are recommended for shade.


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I have an Alban Luxurians blooming wonderfully in a very shady spot... it's got a white flower with light green tinged leaves. If the weather wasn't so gross out today, I'd take a picture of it for you! I've included the link to it below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alba Luxurians

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Alpinas and macropetalas will do well in shade even north wall.
Remember that dark colors will never play good in shade.
I have about 50 dif clems in partial shade and all of them do well, maybe not as prolific as full sun but great show anyway.
Polish spirit is one of most prolific for me but flowers are similar to jackmanii in color so would not look good in very shady spot IMO.

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My jackmanii does quite well in almost deep shade. This is a 3 year old clematis.

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I am a "newbie" to the Clematis and considering planting the X Jack Manii in an area alongside my driveway that has a lot of trees. The area get a light of "light"' but not direct sun. My question is, how long does it typically take for a clematis to mature enough to produce blooms?

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