OT: POTD: I swear brugs are a lot prettier .....

givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)December 11, 2009

good morning everyone

Hope to hear some great news today from some of you.

See pictures...........hear that Karyn? We are awaiting to hear how it went :-)

I think I made a timely mistake when I signed up for Facebook yesterday....before Christmas and not having done a thing yet lol

Well yesterday I looked out in the yard from the living room window. thinking all I will see is dead things...well I grabbed my Camera and ran outside. From POTD for December 09

Found me something ALIVE lol

NOT pretty...but ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol The distance from the house to THEM was mighty great...and they popped right into my sight...so you can just imagine how HUGE they are!!!

Hubby said they look like Turkey Vultures....is he right?



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Now thats some shot!

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Good morning all. Lucy, that is some picture you took there! I have no clue what they are, but they are interesting to look at. I did google and they certainly look like Turkey Vultures. The pictures show that they have red heads, but in the description it says those with gray heads are immature ones. Thanks for the lesson, LOL!

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Dorothy it was just meant to be. They did not even fly away when I was real close. But then all the trees were really in the way.

Eloise thanks for reading up more on them. So DH is right that they actually get even BIGGER!

SCARY....lol as long as they do not go after me! At least I FEEL alive most of the time ha ha ha


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Had to come back in here while I was thinking of it. Lucy, I was thinking of people MIA, and realized that Bob hasn't posted for a while. I am hoping he will post pictures of his Christmas decorations among the palm trees again this year.

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Eloise I know. Usually when members are MIA and SOMEONE gets in touch with them....you hear back.

I am with you, I have not seen BOB anywhere and just hope that he is doing ok. As his better half Laura. Maybe and hopefully work is just keeping him busy.

One day he hopefully finds his way back to the forum and if it is just for a quick hello.

Now he has a little reminder that he is thought of, lots :-)


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They can be so destructive. There's several areas around here that have been overrun with Turkey Vultures. We call them Turkey Buzzards. They destroy houses by pulling off roof tiles, asphalt and flashing and they pick out the weather stripping around car windows as well as cause other damage. On the plus side they do clean up all the road kill and are interesting looking.

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

ok then I am GLAD that I saw them so FAR away from the house! I am sure they were just COLD brrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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haase(10 CA)

Lucy, don't let Precious escape to the outside!! I once had a hawk scoop down real low to where I was walking with my 4-poud chihuahuas.

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Interesting picture. I agree with Ingrid, keep Precious away from these guys. We keep our Yorkies inside because of rattlesnakes, coyotes, foxes, mountain lions, hawks and owls. I feel like we are living in Africa sometimes.

Ingrid, you were such a loving pet owner. Have you thought of asking Santa for a chihuahua puppy for Christmas this year?


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figara(Ca 9)

Lucy, now that you know you have vulture close by you should watch Precious. I used to go out with my Amazon Parrot on my shoulder until my son saw and took a picture of a hawk in my back yard! Now that I know I am very careful when I take him out.

Yes, the brugs are way, way prettier no comparison.


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haase(10 CA)

Jillbean, - everybody suggests that to me. HOWEVER:
There are two good reasons why not to have another puppy and I would always have two, for company.

No. 1--- after retiring, I found many distractions for myself. I am lucky to have found many new friends, and I'm gone "celebrating life" almost every day of the week. So the puppies would be home alone a lot.

No. 2---- I'm getting up there in age. If I should die before my pets, what would happen to them? Maybe someone would take one, but what about the other? They would be separated, they would be miserable, they would "fly" from one place to the other. - Not a good life.

I have my memories. I still cry when I get to talking about my Lucy and Carly.

But hey, I got a NEW "upper" in my life now: Brugmansias. And thank the Lord that I found this forum, I cherish being able to connect to all of you. Thank you.


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napdognewfie(MD zone 5b)

Yup, those are turkey buzzards. I once saw 63!!! of them all together at once sitting in a couple dead trees. It was very foggy & I made DH turn around & go back because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. We sat in the car about 10' from them & counted. They just sat there & watched us. They are really ugly up close. It would have made the coolest picture but we were on our way somewhere & didn't have time to go back home for the camera. That is a sight I will probably never see again. Friends who own a car lot near the roosting trees said they were there every day until the sun came out & then they flew away & came back in the evening. Construction took the trees they sat on & I haven't seen them since. There were about a dozen in someone's yard that made the news a few days ago but that was nothing compared to 63. LOL


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Linda do you know where Lake Linganore is? They were overrun with Turkey Buzzards. Hundreds of them destroying multi million dollar homes along with the home owners cars and boats. I'm not sure what the ultimate solution to the problem was but I think they are a protected species here.

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Karyn like I said....the stories you know about them...I am GLAD this was the first and hopefully last time I saw them around lol

Linda your story reminded me of the movie: The Birds. Well I actually only know the german title lol. Die Voegel.

INGRID HELP lol But man that movie scared the living $%^#@& out of me and for the longest time I was scared of bird gatherings lol


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Lucy DH is petrified of birds. He's even scared of my little lovebird. lol I bet it's from seeing that movie as a kid.

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haase(10 CA)

Lucy you don't need my help. You are correct, the movie is a Hitchcock thriller with Tippi Hedren, from the sixties, and it is called "The Birds".

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mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)

Good pic. I grew up with them in Mississippi but its rare to see them up here in MN (and only ever in the summer).
Petwise, you might want to get more info as I was under the impression they're carrion eaters as opposed to active predators...but you'de likely want to investigate further before 'trusting' that.
Back in the 80s my mother was still able to tool around and did a lot of visiting of relatives around the south. She passed through and couldn't resist getting me a hat from a little unincorporated community she passed through in northern MS...
Name: Buzzard Roost, Mississippi. She didn't say whether it was full of buzzards though - LOL

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I believe buzzards only eat dead things. They are always circling the shop since so many deer get thrown in the woods up there. Someone above us hunts and throws away the carcass. The dogs are always dragging deer legs down to the shop. Gross. Great pic though. Going to HEB reminds me of the movie The Birds. They had to cut the trees down in the parking lot because all those black birds were crapping on everyones cars so bad. There are thousands of them on the power lines and lining the edges of the roof sometimes and its so loud its scarry. Gives me the creeps, lol.

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Kristy Baily loves to roll around in deer entrails too. It's so gross. Of course she tries to hop in my car after her blood and guts bath. I don't think so! We allow people to bow hunt on the farm and they dump the deer entrails in the woods after gutting them. Bailey always finds them. I rarely take her to the farm during the fall and winter anymore because of it. I also think the buzzards are carrion eaters as I always see them around road kill but we have plenty of hawks and owls that will pick off a small dog. Cats are usually too smart to be caught.

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