no new leaves this year

moyarooJuly 22, 2012

My tree put on a ton of fruit this winter, I have culled it several times and there is still a lot, but I got no new leaves this spring. Those that are on the tree are yellowing thinning out and dropping slowly. I read the FAQ could be dying OK but what can I do? I have a Grapefuit tree that is thriving about 50 feet away and closer to our lake so I don't think it is too much water.

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Feed it more; with all that fruit, the tree is taking the nutrients from your leaves and using to sustain the fruit.

Feed it a good citrus fertilizer 3-4 times per year; and maybe add a regular regimen of foliar fert.

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Thank you for the reply. I have fertilized the tree twice this year with Vigro Citrus and Avocado fertilizer. It has been a healthy performer until last year when it got attacked by some serious pests that I was able to knock down using Malathion -oil spray

I am wondering if pruning back on some of the stems might encourage new growth. Actually would welcome any new growth at this point.

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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

Give it some time. I think it will start its flush of growth soon enough. Fingers crossed:-)

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