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technodweebDecember 6, 2009

Ok, that's funny. I posted my question over in the Hibiscus forum yesterday. But no one has been to that forum since December 1st.

Completely different velocity than the brug forum.


Hey guys! I'm usually over on the Brug forum, but I have a question.

I ordered all these "lord baltimore" hibiscuses from Big Dipper.

(I'm in Illinois BTW)

Anyway, they came, with really nice stems, 1/4 inch. They're pruned down to about 1 inch off the soil. In soil in baggies.

So. .what do I do with them? I have a green room. Do I wake them up? Do I try to grow them?

Or am I supposed to put them out in the 55 degree dark garage with the brugs to over winter?

They're for mom. . .big gorgeous red perennials for her. 10 of them. I'll put them down next spring.

I just wanna know what to do with them to keep them alive. . .the last set I got, they were active growing, but SOMEONE didn't get them into the grow room in time.

Looking for the "experts" in here. . .


No answer over there. Then again, we've always known that the Brug form is a pretty hoppin' forum.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out if they're supposed to stay dormant now? Or do I get them going?

Might as well ask the experts in HERE. . .because there's NOTHING going on over there. . .

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Oh there are a lot here who grow LB already. So wait and you get the answer for sure.
ut As far as I know is LB a hardy hibiscus right? Considering that it is winter out there...I do not know if you can plant a dormant plant? I wouldn't.

All I know is that I can not wait to see mine grow next year.


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Lucy, yea, it's a hardy HIB.

but, I can't put them out now, they'll die.

Buuuuuuuuuuuut, do I put them in a pot in the growing room? Or do I put them in a pot and put them in the dark cool garage with the brugs?

Just not sure what to do.

I'm like you. I'm excited. 35 brugs down there, and another 20+ (I think 25) up here, I can't keep lifting and planting year after year forever. So, I'd like to give Mom some perennial gorgeous reds. So I ordered all these LBs for her. (The Mountain Magic brugs aren't as "red" as the claims are. More like a dark dusty pink.)

I put down some "fireballs" hibs for her, hoping they will make it through the winter. But I've got these LBs also.

Just need to know, start them again now? Or put them into the dark garage?

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Annette, sorry I can't provide you with expert advice. Lucy said she would not plant a dormant plant. I would, but, I might plant each one in those small pots made of peat or whatever they are and keep them barely watered. As you know, you don't need to remove the peat pot. Good luck, and hoping someone with experience chimes in here.

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token28001(zone7b NC)

I overwintered some hardy hibiscus last year under lights in the basement. I wish I had let them go dormant. I think cool temperatures and little light would be your best bet. As long as the roots don't freeze, you should be okay.

However, I divided, with a shovel, two hardy hibiscus root balls this time last December. Both survived. Turn of the Century and a Luna Red. I replanted them in the garden at the time. Of course, I'm 2 zones south of you, but we did have a week of nearly single digit nighttime temperatures and teens during the day.

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I have been growning Lord Baltimore hibiscus for over 10 years, they are very hardy. It is one of my favorite plants. I have all of mine growing in Rockport Texas, zone 9 coastal. Right now they are frozen, it froze yesterday morning, and it snowed there Friday. Whats so great about this plant, it freezes every winter, I cut it back to the ground, then in the spring it comes back. It truly is a good plant for zone 9, I am not sure how it will do in a colder zone. Barbra

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