Help me choose some clematis!

ikea_gwSeptember 8, 2009

This is my second year working my garden and I need some good advice on what to put at various locations around the garden.

Location 1: front of the house up a medium colored brick wall. I need something no more than 8 feet tall that will grow with some direct sun in the morning and bright shade rest of the day.

Location 2: I have a very very large oak tree that I want to grow some clematis on. The bottom of the tree gets a good 4 or 5 hours of sun in the morning. Around it, I have large blue hydrangea and lots of yellow and gold colored fern and hosta. I originally thought Henryi would go there, but maybe I want something with more color?


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A top shelf plant sits in location two you need to review the hydrangea forum persoanly from me there is no way I would let a vine run anywhere in my hydrangeas if you realy want spring colors in location 2 rethink it to be a five foot or 6 foot roddie color choises are wide enough it will serve you and that hydragea well but will a roddie grow inbetween a couple oaks Hmmmmmmmmmm different forum

there is just no way I would want a vine growing inbetween a hydragea
Location one

Anything you want for a climatis just look it up

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