Pergola-like structure/scaffolding over a lemon orchard??

castorpJuly 3, 2008

I saw a picture of this first in a magazine and I was intrigued. I looked up another picture below. Can anyone tell me the purpose of this scaffoding or pergola like structure over an Italian Lemon grove? What is it called? I'm thinking about imitating it in my garden.



Here is a link that might be useful:

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Yes, I've mentioned these on my website page about Sorrento Lemons. See link below.
'The lemon groves require protection from cold winter winds, rain, hail and occasional frost. Tall wooden frames are built and sides and roof were traditionally covered in a kind of rush, twig or bamboo matting. Today black polythene mesh sheeting is being used extensively as a replacement.

Here is a link that might be useful: Italian Lemon Groves

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Thanks for the information and pictures, Citrange. I've wanted to learn about this for some time.

I wonder if anyone else in the world grows citrus this way or the technique is peculiar to that part of Italy.


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