Pruning/Repotting Dwarf Meyer Lemon

tcleigh(6)July 3, 2011

Hello all:

I have a dwarf meyer lemon tree in a big container (not sure how many gallons). it has stayed relatively small since i bought it 2 years ago. it had a lot of blossoms this year, so i was hoping for a lot of lemons, but all but one fell off. not sure why this happened, but the tree only has one lemon at present.

anyway, im moving at the end of july and my question is this: how can i prune/repot this tree to be able to transfer it to zone 6a? is it too late in the summer to prune? if i moved it to a smaller container, could i prune the roots?

i'm not worried about losing the sole lemon, i just would like to be able to move it without killing it. ever since it was overwintered last year, it has had blotchy, unhealthy looking leaves, so i think it might appreciate a good prune, but i dont want to kill it.

any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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dsieber(z5 (Lakewood CO))

Moving from zone 9 to 6 I would not do anything. You are not going to kill the plant. For 50cents you can get a new lemon. After you move in and understand where the tree is going to spend its summer then you can determine the best plan on root pruning/repoting.

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thanks, dsieber!

my issue, however, is space. i know the tree won't die going from zone 9 to 6 in the summer, but i really need to minimize the space my plants are going to take up in my car on moving day! therefore, i was thinking about pruning severely and repotting into a small pot just for moving purposes.

any thoughts?

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