Clematis leaf edges yellowing

TomNorthJerseySeptember 12, 2013

I have two clematis I planted last fall. They are very close to each other and have received basically the same care, light, etc.

On one of them, the edges of some of the leaves started to yellow (see picture). The other one seems fine but there are some hints that it might be yellowing.

I think this looks like potassium deficiency, but I'm open to other suggestions.

I haven't fertilized it frequently. At planting, last fall, in the spring and again recently when I noticed the yellowing.

I use this little plastic scoop to measure out the fertilizer. I thought it was a 2 oz scoop but it turns out it's a 1oz scoop. (DOH!) so it didn't get as much fertilizer as I thought.

Is it ok to fertilize this time of year? There are no blooms right now but I think that's normal? Should be coming soon though from what I remember of last year.

I usually use Espoma Garden-Tone (3-4-4), but I also have a Tomato-Tone (3-4-6) which is higher in K which might help if it is potassium deficiency.

If you have any recommendations it would really help me if you also could let me know how many days it might take to see a difference.

Thank you.

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It could be a potassium deficiency.......that often results in that sort of appearance. I would want to do a soil test to confirm before leaping to any conclusions. Regardless, this is definitely not the time of year to do any fertilizing. The plant will be going dormant before much longer and will not metabolize the fertilizer efficiently. The Espoma products are organic and so slow release by nature. Plus, any unnecessary nitrogen could prompt additional growth at this time of year - not a desired result. It's rather late in the season to be expecting bloom if you haven't had any yet.....what kind of clematis is it?

Wait to fertilize until you prune the vine back in spring. Of your choices, the Tomato Tone is the one I'd go with. If you want to do something immediately, it never hurts to mulch the root zone liberally with compost. That can be done at any time.

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It's a Piilu. Supposedly blooms May to June then Sept to Oct.

Had a lot of rain this year. That and the mistake with measuring fertilizer might be the problem.

I'll hold off on doing anything. Just wanted to make sure I didn't need to do anything to keep it alive.

Thank you for your advice.

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