This week my SAC has begun to flower

rouge21_gw(5)September 6, 2012

This is a quite shady section of garden but SAC seems to tolerate it enough to light up this dark area this time of year.

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roseberri, z6(6)

that is lovely! How much shade does that area get?I ask because I have three of these and I could put one in a shady spot if it could tolerate more shade. roseberri

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In my experience they do tolerate shade. I have one growing in dappled shade all day with direct sun for a few hours (at most) in the afternoon. The shade is caused by deciduous trees. It's planted right at the edge of my property and the woods. It grew huge this year (it's first) and is just starting to bloom. Its got a ton of blooms.
I have a lot of shade. I was so pleased that it bloomed so well that I bought 2 more to plant in shady spots.

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Thanks roseberrie. Where it is located gets almost no direct sun. If you look carefully you might see the white flowers from this same SAC on the left side of the much taller vegetation on the other side of the fence where it is reaching for more sun.

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roseberri, z6(6)

thanks everyone! I know just where to put them!I have beenlooking for a vine that would flower in shade!

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beautiful roseberri ~ I guess SAC is not too picky ~ I have relocated mine since planting 7 yrs ago (to shade a Nikko H) from ground to containers & gound again fr place to place, so she is back to being a baby each move but has never failed to show her pretty jasminy-scented-li'l blooms. She is along a fence & trying her mightyest to crawl over Autumn Joy & Carefree rose w/ blooms! Such a trooper!!!

Last year she partly covered a make-sift trellis & shaded a hummingbird feeder ~ the li'l guys loved the setting ~ one even owned & guarded the cafe until time to travel back South. I regret replacing her with Pink Chiffon that didn't crawl high enough. I may plant another in Spring & relocate PC else where!

Thanks for sharing pic!!!

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Would love to share SAC's story, a real trooper that she is! FWIW & thanks for viewing & welcome comments on pix.

Here is a link that might be useful: Trooper SAC

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