Datura from year-old seeds?

StrixalucoDecember 10, 2012

Hey all, I have a couple of matured, dehisced Datura seed pods that I collected last Nov or Dec from some plants growing wild along a creek bank. I left most of the pods there and planned to go back this year and grab a few more, as I kind of like the way they look displayed in bottles, but after 3-4 years of finding them in roughly the same spot, the plants were gone. :( I'm assuming it had something to do with the summer drought, but who knows. At any rate, I'm wondering now if I'd be able to grow my own plants from the seeds I have currently, or are they too old? If not, any recommendations on how/when to germinate and plant? (I'm in zone 5.) Thanks for your input!

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AllanRandall(z7 OKC)

I have grown several from 2-3 year old seed, so yes it is possible. However, these were harvested after the pod had burst and laid out to dry. If they have stayed sealed up in a moist pod, i would say that it is very doubtful, but it really wouldn't hurt to try.

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i have several different color seed from last year and before.in south louisiana, when can i plant my seed?had my mom for two years and couldn't get out to play in dirt.can;t remember when to plant anything,thanks

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I have grown some from 4 yr old seed. The germination rate goes down every year but still viable if kept cool and dry.
Woodsgranny, you can start your datura seed now in the house and then set out after your last frost...can't remember now when that was in LA (March?).
I also have left datura seed out over winter in pots and some that had fell out of the pods onto the ground and it sowed itself and came up in the spring.

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