Transplanting Stonecrop

Liz321(6 - Detroit Metro)September 16, 2012

Hello! I am not sure if this is the correct place, but I have sedum questions.

I have been given 8 or so Stonecrop plants that are currently about 2 and a half feet tall that I will be planting this week. When I pick a location, what kind of soil should they be in?

My yard is full sun, but has both wetter and dry clay areas and I'm not sure what they really prefer and what is the best treatment. I've had good luck with propagating smaller varieties in small beds, but with so many and such a large version, I have no idea!

They were all planted by my mother who passed several years ago, so I would really like to make sure they live.

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Dry lean soil works best in my garden and plenty of sun. They are VERY easy to grow. You can take stems from your plant and simply stick them in the ground and new plants will grow. Mine get so tall they tend to flop so about early July I cut the plants back to keep them shorter and then I simply place the cuttings in the soil and water it. Within weeks I have new plants. Haven lost one yet. Last year at this time (Sept) I bought 1 large plant (Autumn Joy) and cut off many stems. Turned it into many plants. Almost all sedums can be treated this way- tall or short.
Good luck!

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Liz321(6 - Detroit Metro)

Thanks Green Haven! We planted them in full sun near my fence line so they can lean against it if need be! They are actually the tallest sedum I've ever seen. I'm hoping to fill in another area with the little ones that broke off.

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