greenman62July 26, 2014

i bought this about 25 years ago.
i really havent done much with it in the last 10 yrs
, except throw some organics and mulch under it
it has always produced TONS of sweet fruit.
once every 4-5 years it would take a year off.

last year we had a very hard freeze
much worse than normal.
this spring, it produced a LOT of flowers. i see some fruit, but , not that much.
and i see some leaf coloration issues.
is it missing some mineral ?
there is some new growth, but thin, rubbery like
and yellowish in color
(not that many though)

also, some leaves are lighter in between the veins

i fertilized it a few weeks ago
i dont want to loose the fruit that is on it though.


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It definitely needs more food; and a good citrus food that includes Mg, Mn, Fe, Zn. If you want to stay organic, look for Espoma Citrus Tone; it is a very good product, if a bit pricey. Apply it at the dripline according to label instructions, no matter that you fertilized it a few weeks ago.
Water it in well and you should see improvement soon.

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