is this key lime worth saving?

emachado19July 25, 2014

friend of mine brought me a neglected grafted key lime tree which i quickly repotted... the tree is a neonish light yellow with signs of leaf minors among other things... When I repotted the roots like good but the soil it was in didnt seem very conducive to growing citrus.

I was wondering if any experts on here think the tree is saveable and if what other ailments it might be suffering from besides leaf minor and obvious nutrient deficiencies but which kind?

thanks for your help guys. The plant is currently repotted under a front porch roof getting sun but not directly. I live in Miami Florida.

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more pics...

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one more pic... with a bit more detail.

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Mine was much worse off and is now looking good.

Repot in 5-1-1 or gritty depending on what's more suitable. Put it on a regular watering and Foliage Pro schedule.

Perhaps a bigger container while you are at it.

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Well, I had an orange with NO leaves and it is lush now...and I am in the North. Yes, it is worth saving...we seen worse here!

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Very true i have seen a lot worse on here....I just thought the black on the leaves was a sign of some incurable fungus or something. Thanks for your input. I hope to see new growth soon enough.....

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This is just my opinion......................but any tree that can be saved, is worth saving.

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save it! With proper care should spring back! Have seen and saved much worse;)
feed the tree, spray it with cooper for citus (big box will have it)with a dash of soap as pe label, also spray some kelp and a few drops of soap every week or few weeks. Try to manually remove as much as you can and remove the sickest branches. A good blast from the hose directly on affected areas could also help;)

Please do report back!! Good luck

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bayed advanced has been very effective for me treating leaf minors. I do 1/4 strength application about 2x as often skipping every 3rd time or so. I feel it's more critical at the begining of a flush when growth is tender.

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I'd do some chelated iron too. It's definitely worth saving. I'd love to have a Key lime. A bigger pot is crucial, and I use cactus mix for "soil". Best size pot is 24 inches or more. Good luck !

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You have living in Florida on your side, let alone someone who cares to see it get better...Good luck.

A good porous mix and a good quality fertilizer should do wonders...


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thanks for all the great advice guys.. as of the day of posting this the plant was repotted with better draining soil, i had already applied the bayer fruit and citrus systemic to it as well as hosed it down to get rid any stragglers around the leaves. The tree hasn't done a single thing.. no leaf drops no sadness.. no nothing..

From what I have read here a plant that is not doing anything after being repotted is a positive sign? I'm assuming its working on root growth and any new growth will appear once the newer roots have been established.

Does anyone have an idea about how long, if rooting properly it will begin to show signs of improvement?

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Make sure to water fairly frequently in this super hot weather I water upto 2 times a day, thats the benefit of good draining soil. I would say within a couple weeks. no signes of leaf drooping is very good, its streesfull to tree while it aclimates, spray it in the evening with some, kelp maybe once a week and a few doses of foliar cooper, a few drops of horticultural soap or plain soap in the sprayer really helps. Good luck. That tree will suddenly have a flush one day in next month and youll feel rewarded

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well i don't have cooper or kelp but I do have fish emulsion, captan (for tree fungus), dish soap, neem oil, and spinosad.

will I be ok without the kelp and foliar cooper? I will order it asap. thanks again

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Does anyone know what may cause the plant to have that neonish green color to it? it looks like a greener highlighter and not the usual yellowing that you see on other plants

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