Huernia schneideriana?

foxwichya(7b)September 20, 2008

Is it possible for a Huernia schneideriana to grow to 4 to 5ft in length? I have some cuttings of one that came from a plant that was that large snd should have same blooms I think. They are about to open now. I should be able to tell then. I guess what i am asking is which Huernia will grow that length with simmilar size and color blooms. Right now mine is pushing two foot. The stems are a fatter than the normal Huernia schneideriana. Could it be a superclone of Huernia schneideriana? I can post pics of the blooms when they open. Any help would be greatful.



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Here are two pics of it now. I have had the cuttings for maybe 6 weeks. Since then it has grow like crazy. All of the newgrowth on top. Wich some of it is around 4.5 inches. Plus the same in length. I measured the thickness of the stem at half an inch. Hope this and the pictures help some.

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I would expect sooner or later the older stems will get a black-spot fungal disease or simply start turning yellow and dying from near the base. I got my first cutting of this species from a seriously-neglected and -etiolated plant being grown under a table lamp in an interior room in a student rental house in Williamsburg, Virginia, during a rowdy July 4 party in 1975, and I still have the clone going via taking young offsets off the main plant and rooting them up. There just comes a point where an excessively-long stem will separate from the base by disease or decay. By the way, you can root this species by setting a stem cutting on its side in your potting mix and keeping it somewhat moist. Roots will emerge promptly from the bottom surface.

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The Huernia Schneideriana can grow that long very easily,especially if it is on the ground and it roots along the stem as it grows. I would love to see the flowers it produces. It took me YEARS to find a 'variety' of this Huernia that has a HUGE flower on it, the size of a quarter!, but it has very little length on the stems, maybe 1 foot at most. Instead of the small red/maroon flower it usually produces.

Mine common ones grow to 3-4 feet easily. Being in south Fla, they grow easily all year. The common one, pictured above,has a flower about the size of a penny. Does yours?

I hope that answers your question. It is the easiest one to grow, and I personally would love to see the flower. As for the thickness of the stems,that is rather fat, but not odd. They are usually like the ones in the pictures above, pencil thick. Maybe you just have a good green thumb!

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