Planted in June and not much growth?

TomNorthJerseySeptember 14, 2012

I planted 2 Piilu clematis in the end of June. They haven't really grown much since I planted them.

After coming to this forum I learned I needed to plant them deeper so I went back and was able to put a little more soil on top of them. Then covered again with cedar bark mulch.

They were watered regularly after planting and during the heat. A couple of the waterings included Plant Growth Activator Plus (seaweed, humic acid, hydrolized soy and a bunch of beneficial microorganisms). The blooms they came with dropped soon after transplant. A few blooms showed up after that but not much. No blooms now.

A few weeks after planting I fertilized with Espoma Plant Tone (5-3-3 organic). 1 cup around the soil of each plant. One of the branches on one of the plants grew about 6" but that's all the new growth I've seen.

When I planted I incorporated some organic potting mix into the back fill. I later discovered that the mix had fungus gnats. Could that be the problem, could it be something else, or is this normal for right after planting? I thought this variety bloomed a lot and through october even in the first year.

Foliage looks fine.

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One should never expect all that much from a first year clematis regardless of type :-) They are spending their effort in underground growth - developing a sound root system that will support them properly in the coming years.
What you are experiencing is very typical - first year they sleep, second year they creep and third year they leap.

FWIW, it is often reported that fertilizing a clem in flower will cause the plant to drop or abort any further flowering. I've not really experienced it myself since I tend not to really fertilize the plants at all, just mulch with compost after pruning. With a well amended planting hole to begin with and annual mulching, I have not found them to require much additional fertilization.

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Thanks for putting my mind at ease. I know that's what I was told when I first asked about clematis but seeing that one vine shoot up overnight got me wondering if there might be something else going on.

I'm going to cut them back this year as advised and hope things look better next year. Right?

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

First year they sleep. Second year they creep and third year they leap.

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