Potting rooted cuttings

stickstring (Northern California 8b)July 14, 2014

Hello to all, quick question. I have 2 meyer lemon cuttings that are not quite ready to be potted but will be soon. Like I said in my last post I have never done this before and had a question. They are currently in a perlite mix with maybe 10% peat for moisture. I will be potting into the 5-1-1 mix. Should I rinse all of the perlite and peat away from the roots before potting. Or should I just pull cutting out of cup with all medium still attached to roots and make a hole in the 5-1-1 mix big enough to just "drop" it in and then water well?

Once it is repotted, my plan is to put a garbage bag over the pot / cutting for one week, then cut open the bag slightly everyday for another week until I remove the bag completely at the end of the week. I planned on doing this outside in full shade. These cuttings have been in clear plastic cups in the medium described above with a large ziplock bag covering the cuttings for humidity. I remove the ziplock bag once every 3 days for an hour for fresh air. Does anyone see a problem with this "plan"? Should I go a different route?
Thank you to all,

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stickstring (Northern California 8b)

Ps- they have been inside my home sitting on a north facing window for light. They have been there for the entire rooting process. This room stays a constant 74 deg at night and up to 85 during the day depending on how hot it is outside.

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It is good to know ? So im waiting for Answer :)

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

When you re-pot, just gently shake off some of the mix, but try not to disturb the roots. Then, plop the cuttings into your pre-moistened 5-1-1. Be sure to incorporate some slow-release fertilizer, too. Water well, and then set in some bright shade, preferably outdoors.

I would not put a bag over the containers.


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stickstring (Northern California 8b)

Thank you for your response. The citrus cuttings are showing roots but I believe they need another few weeks to a month before they are ready to be repotted which would be mid to late august.
The temps here in Sonoma County can average 80f in August and September which I assume will be good for the citrus cutting. October and November temps begin to cool down. In the winter it never really drops below 35 (average 40) but on occasion we may have a few nights in the 28-32 range. Will these cuttings be old enough and strong enough to battle the winter outside?
Thank you

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

No, they won't be strong enough to brave the Winter. Baby them over the Winter and continue to fertilize (keep them in the sunniest window you have).


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stickstring (Northern California 8b)

I left my cuttings in clear cups without a cover over the cup and I have quite a bit of algae growing on the perlite. Can that hurt the roots? I just wrapped the clear cups in a brown bag in order to stop the light. Also my roots really took off and grew a few inch's and for the last week or so nothing has happened at all (that I can see). I was thinking about getting a heat mat from a hydroponics store to set the cups on hoping the bottom heat will cause the root growth to kick into overdrive. Any suggestions?
Thank you

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

No heat mat.
Good that you wrapped the containers - roots don't like to see the light. The algae won't hurt, but it could be an indication that the mix is staying too moist.


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stickstring (Northern California 8b)

Greenman28 (josh), thank you for answering my questions. I noticed you are from "NorCal". What part are you from?

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