New growth on Schlumbergera rotting

JohanschantzSeptember 29, 2012

I have a Schlumbergera that I grew from a cutting. It has done well and has a few strong branches. Recently I have noticed that whenever a new stem segment starts to form it soon turns brown and rots away, or dries up. The larger segments still look very healthy and strong. Does anyone know what could be wrong with this plant?


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Not sure what your soil mix is but it sounds like the temp changes to quickly from warmer to cooler following your watering time.

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I used a cactus soil mix. I had the plant in a north facing window, which seemed fine, but I thought it might be receiving too much light, so it is now in a more shaded corner of the room. The apartment is getting cooler this time of year though...I've included a couple photos. As you can see the plant looks quite healthy, except new growth develops and quickly turns brown and withers away.

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And here is a close up of some new growth already turning brown

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Johan,

Hard to tell what the problem is. I suspect a drainage problem, can't imagine why else this would be happening. I see you're using C&S Mix; perhaps it's got peat in it, they often do. Does the water pool on top of the mix when you water?

Either way, that mix looks too rich in organics to my eye, I'd unpot the cutting, check the roots & amend this mix w/ 40% perlite at least to make it much more fast draining.

Good luck.

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I would say the soil is to heavy and compacted and retains too much water. It needs water but not soaked all the time. Just keep it damp to moist. Also the north facing window in Canada is perfect for light, even an east window is better. All my Christmas and holiday cactus are in an east facing window. They get full sun until noon.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Yep, a looser mix and more light.


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JessieC777(Washington State 5)

The pot looks a little large IMO as well as the mentions of soil above me. Hard to see the brown of the new growth. It looks pink like all the new growth on mine. Your old growth looks great though :-)

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Thanks everyone. The new growth in the photo has completely withered away since my last post. I will try changing the soil to something with better drainage and see what happens.

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Just for the curious: Here's a somewhat blurry photo of the now withered new growth.

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