'lemonade' tree or Meyers Lemon Tree?

strawberfizzyJuly 10, 2009

I've heard of a Lemonade Tree online, but have found few places where I can buy them. On the other hand, it seems pretty easy to find a meyers lemon tree, which also claims to be a sweet lemon. Does anyone know if the Lemonade tree has better tasting fruit than the Meyers lemon and is it worth the trouble to find/buy a Lemonade tree?

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orchidguyftl(z11 FTL FL)

Pink Lemonade tree it a variety that produces variegated foliage and fruit. The fruit turns yellow when ripe, but it it is very sour and bitter. If you like a real tart lemonade, which I do not, then it is the tree for you. I bought mine at Lowe,s but mostly for the variegation. Meyer lemons along with Ponderosa are much "sweeter", less tart and I actually eat them right out of hand like an orange. Though it does still have a kick to it. While I haven't made lemonade from Meyers, I would imagine that it would be pretty tasty. My Ponderosa's make fantastic lemonade. 2 lemons produce about 1 1/2 - 2 cups of juice whick I use per gallon of water with only 6 TBSP of sugar, I use raw sugar for an extra taste.
Not sure what area you live, but here it is quite easy to find all 3 types.
Hope that helps.

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There are also many different varieties of sweet lemons out there such as Ujukitsu and Sanbokan. Sweet lemons are acidless/very low in acid and are often described as tasting like lemonade. Some companies sell their variegated pink lemon trees as "pink lemonade trees" because the juice is a faint pink color but is otherwise just as tart as a standard lemon. The meyer lemon is still going to be tart yet not as tart as a standard lemon (with a unique taste as well). If you are looking for a citrus fruit that tastes like lemonade you may want to search for one of the two varieties I initially spoke of. They are pretty easy to find if you google them and I'm pretty sure McKenzie farms in South Carolina sells one if not both varieties.

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softmentor(z9/sunset13 CA desert)

the so called lemonade tree is no doubt a marketing ploy. It's probably one of the 3 most common varieties, Eureka, Lisbon or Improved Meyer. Pink lemon is a Eureka lemon that has variegated leaves and will be pink when cut open but the juice is not pink, it's just regular ol' lemon juice color, dull yellow.
If you are going to grow it in a container, Meyer is your best bet. for cooking Eureka or Lisbon are both similar in acidity, tartness and sweetness. Pink, while novel, tend not to produce quite as well in most areas.
Ponderosa is a nice lemon, it is huge, so you have to watch your branches so that they don't break, and one piece of fruit is more than you need for most recipes, unless you are making lemonade, which takes a lot of juice. Most nurseries consider Ponderosa a novelty for it's size rather than a producer, although the fruit is good and juicy.

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I have a Meyer lemon tree, and a Lemonade tree. They are quite different - the Meyer produces a beautiful-looking deep yellow fruit that is quite tart. The Lemonade produces an uglier, paler fruit that is as sweet as a home-grown orange (so not quite as sweet as a mandarin or a store-bought Californian orange, but certainly sweeter than a Meyer lemon).

They sell Lemonade trees at my local garden centre, but unfortunately for you, I live in New Zealand. I have seen them for sale on an Australian website (http://www.daleysfruit.com.au/fruit%20pages/lemonade.htm), but this isn't the kind of product that can generally be shipped internationally. I have no idea what the scientific name is.

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I had(later cut down to add on to the garage) a mature Ujukitsu in the ground and although a novelty and a conversation starter really wasn't a top tier tasting citrus. I topworked it to Minneola tangelo and Nova which are much better. Ujukitsu is earlier than Sanbokan another so called sweet lemon. Uju is ready by Christmas, Sanbokan more like February. My only Uju now is in a 7 gallon pot.

Here is a link that might be useful: mrtexas

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Sanbokan is at Woodlanders Nursery. They call it Sanbokan Grapefruit or Citrus sulcata. Google Woodlanders Nursery +Sanbokan. When I tried to find it using their site index the first time I could not. Good luck!

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Forgot to say that I have never bought anything from them and so cannot vouch for them.

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