Propagating Donkey Ear Kalanchoe and care

luvpatch2September 26, 2009

Hi! I received two baby leafs from a Donkey Ear Kalanchoe. Do I just place the leaf in a pot of perilite or soil and use rooting hormone? What is the best way to propagate this? And do I leave it in shade or sun while it is rooting? How long before it starts growing? My friends plant is a beautiful plant! Thanks for help with this!

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What ever mix you use for the rest of your succulents. Lay the leaf flat down on the soil, and water once, then put the pot into a semi sunny location. Don't water again until you see little leaves coming up. Look this name up, I want to make sure we are discussing the same plant here.
Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri . I love this plant with enough sun it may turn red, at first grey with brown/green spots, the flowers light green. Must have winter warmth, know to be found in Madagascar. You should be able to get off sets on each notch of the borders and expecially on the tips of the leaves, makes a good basket plant when it gets older. The leaves may get very long, and flop over with babies on the tips.
When I really want a lot of them, I cut horizonatally across the spine on the front side (or cut the leaf in two) I get more offsets that way. I love this plant, it's good to share with children . Norma

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