Clematis Seeds

elliesfunOctober 17, 2009

My son built me 13 very nice trellis this year and I would like to start clematis seeds for the trellis's. Does anyone have seeds to share? I am looking for a variety of clematis. Thank you very much.


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I have some seeds of Princess Alexandra, Gillian Blades, alpina Constance, a white macropetala and a few from Blekitny Aniol.
If you are interested, send me an E-mail with your name and adress.

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It is important to understand that seeds from named cultivars, and especially the large flowered hybrids, will not necessarily germinate to true to type or have any resemblance to the parent plant -- i.e., seedlings of 'Gillian Blades' may or may not resemble Gillian at all and therefore cannot be labeled as such. But that's not to say you won't germinate some great little plants, including some that may have quite unique attributes all of their own.

The likelihood of species clematis coming true is much greater but even then, seedlings of named forms cannot technically be called by that cultivar name.

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