dividing "Dragon's Blood"

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I recently purchased a 1 quart Sedum spurium Dragon's Blood, and am wondering how to safely separate it, if at all possible at this small size. The base of the plant is healthy and dense, but I don't want to hurt it!

Thank you!

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I have this sedum growing outside & find it extremely easy. You can just brake off stems & stick in ground and it will grow. You can separate the rootball (just pulling gently apart), but I never had to, pieces always root.
I gave away so many (just clumps, mostly without roots), and it never failed.


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The 1st picture looks like Johnny Creech. Dragons Blood is a lot more red. The second pic looks a little bit like sedum Fulda Glow. All 3 are very similar. Dragons Blood is mostly a deep red, Johnny Creech is mostly green and Fulda Glow is an even mix of red and green. All three are easy to grow. I have them all in the same bed side by side. Out of the 3, I have found Dragons Blood to be the least vigorous but it still does very well. Just not as well as the other two. The plants are easy to divide. Just take a small chunk off by teasing or with a knife and plant and watch it grow. I love all three and think they look great mingled together in my rock garden :)

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It actually gets much more red in full sun. These are planted in shady location and are greener.
I could be wrong - but they are all from 1 original pot I bought couple of years ago & were marked 'Dragon's Blood'.
(I still have the marker).
Yes, the marker could have been wrong, it happens very often. Original plant was much redder.

Thanks for other ID's, I will keep them - just in case.
I am planting lots of them in very sunny spot, so will see next spring.

In either case, I think that sedums are very easy to divide - at least that is my experience.

The photo attached is of the same pot as in original post/2nd photo - it is getting little more sun now.


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