What is the best and easiest way to treat root rot?

Andrew ScottJuly 31, 2010

I bought an Oro Blanco grapefruit back in the spring and after watching it defoliate, I thought it was a goner. I got another one wich is flourishing now. It is starting to put out new growth and I am hoping for flowers since the original tree aborted 3/4 of them and then ones that hung on, were deformed. I have saved the original tree but I don't think it will be long before it is in trouble again. I am going Monday to buy a citrus mix that is made by a local nursery that I tust. I bought my Improved Meyer lemon tree from this nursery and it came in there mix which I have checked all summer and I have been very happy with how well it dries out. That tree is over 6ft tall, and during our hot spells, I would have to water every two days or sometimes every day.

Can anyone tell me how to treat root rot on my Oro? I know with house plants you use sterilized pruners and remove the dead/decaying roots, and then do I apply something to them to stop it from rotting until the root heals over? I also know that you are supposed to give them a break from water right? Any help would be great!


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Hey buddy...

There is no real easy way...It all takes effort. But here is a try.:-)

You could mix a solution of 20% chlorine bleach and 80% water, or 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. Try and cut off all the dead and brown roots..

Wash the roots before repotting. The bleach will kill the bacteria that is attacking your roots. If you treat the roots soon enough, you can save the plant.

If you prefer the lazy way, mix a solution of chlorine each as noted above and water the plant. you can water heavily to soak the soil and roots with the bleach solution. Then hold off on watering until you are sure the root ball has dried using our wooden dowel method..

You can also use hydrogen peroxide..I have done that too..

Make sure you keep any plant that has been treated out of the sun until the leaves start looking like they are healthy..

Take a look at this plant I treated 2 months ago and it is just starting to look better, after loosing half it's mass...Thank God I saved it. Just waiting for the new growth and for the leaves to start looking green again and hydrate in more sun..


What the plant is suppose to look like..

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If it is currently not rotting, then repotting in the new mix is the best solution.

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BTW, what is the Autozone stuff you used in your mix? I didn't know there was a reliable substitute from there.

I have used the NAPA floor Dry #8822 in my 5-1-1 mix without problems.

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@andrew78 ..Although I don't know how effective this technique works. I recall reading on another site, the suggestion on using a deluded anti-bacterial hand soap solution to wash the roots.

You may also consider doing some top punning to help relieve the stress, depending on the amount of root loss I would consider 1/3 removal.

I also suggest changing out the soil mix, but to something that offers good aeration, reduce the watering to a minimum.

Keep it shaded and if possible give it bottom heat.

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