espoma organic orchid mix for dwarf citrus trees?

msugrl2010July 23, 2012

Who has used the espoma oganic orchid mix for their dwarf citrus trees? did it work wel? or should I stick to a perlite/potting mix that drains well?

Here's a picture of the orchid mix I'm talking about. I'd appreciate anyone's opinions on it!


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some orchid mixes are fairly course, and some are more fine. not sure about the one you're asking about.

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Hi Msugrl

Just because this mix works for some may not mean it would work for you. It would all depend on the micro climate you provide for your tree and cultural habits.

It's easy to over water in very fine particle mixes and as the particles get bigger, it becomes less of an issue. You may have to be the best judge of this depending how long it takes for your mix to dry out and what kind of environment you provide for your tree. That is just a tip of the iceberg.

I would familiarize yourself with the concept of a well draining and porous mix and then judge what type of mix will work best for you, but more importantly, which is best for the overall vigor of your plants.


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Thanks for everyone's advice! I think I'll get this mix and then add in the perlite to make sure it drains well enough.

Mike, what will be the warning signs that its not draining well enough (before the tree is past the point of saving?) so I can save it and fix how the soil drains if it comes to this.

Houston, I'm talking about the orchid mix at the link below. Ever used it?

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