When will Meyer Lemon Bloom?

brandon_the_random(7b)July 13, 2014

My mom bought a meyer lemon 3 years ago from Home Depot. It was already setting fruit, and the fruit got to about 2 inches long by November, until my mom left it outside for the winter -_-.
Needless to say, all growth died back. Surprisingly, new branches sprouted from the top center of the stem. The tree was originally in a tree like shape, with one very very thick stem about a foot long and many branches branching out from the tip. That sort of made me suspect the branches were grafted on the tip, but there were too many (around 10) for that to be economical.

Anyways, long story short, the branches are probably Meyer Lemon branches after a year(I brought them inside this time), the branches began to turn woody, and right now, they're back to growing more foliage and branches. However, its been two years since then and there's no bloom set. How long until it does?

Also, somehow scale insects appeared in December and are still ravaging the top layer of branches. They just won't die. Will this affect when the blossoms will appear?

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Well, the tree has had a terrible shock, and is continuing to struggle as it is infested with scale. Until you get the tree in a good state of health, it will be unlikely that it will put forth blossoms unless it is in the throws of death. In which most citrus, as a last ditch effort, will try to reproduce prior to dying. So, get it very healthy, and continue to keep it healthy, and it should soon blossom. Be sure there is enough canopy to support fruit, though.

Patty S.

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