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soozifrooziJuly 9, 2012

Please help with the easiest way to post photos for someone who is very illiterate in these things....thanks, Soussan.

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The easiest way... at least for 1 photo is to scroll down this page to "Post a Follow-up" on the next line is "Image file to upload"; then "Browse" to locate the foto on your computer.

Here's a picture of my newest addition to my lemon farm.

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Upload photo to photobucket- it is free.
Copy the HTML code by clicking where pictured in this photo- that automatically copies the code to your clipboard.

Paste the code into the field where you type a message here.

If it shows in the preview it will show in the post.

I have linked below a thread that shows other photo hosting options and methods.

Don't be afraid to try- just remember if it shows in your preview it will show in the post.

If you use Johnmerr's method as described above you will need to re-upload if you edit your post.

Again- if it shows in your preview it will show in the post.

Here is a link that might be useful: Posting photos

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Thanks for the info on posting photos...I've been wondering how to do that myself.

The foal is beautiful...but what's up with the horse in the background? Very thin...

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