Lemon Trees in Ohio?

al_apenoJuly 22, 2008

I've read that citrus trees grow fairly well indoors. Can anyone recommend a particular variety that is suited for the following conditions?

I live in Cincinnati, OH (Zone 6).

The plant would be in front of a window that would provide sunlight throughout the morning hours.

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide!!!

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Hi there - some citrus do fine indoors as long as they get enough light. The lemons and limes do best, since they don't require the long warm period for ripening. I suggest you go to fourwindsgrowers.com and read all their information on growing citrus in pots.

Have fun!

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I have kept several citrus and so far the easiest has been Meyer Lemon. Fast growing, beautiful large fragrant flowers and a good producer. I am in zone 5 and my lemon is kept in a small pot and so far is doing great.

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Thanks for the feedback!! Can anyone recommend a nursery in the Cincinnati area that typically stocks Meyer Lemons?

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