Meyer Lemon Tree Dropping Lemons?

meghanizeJuly 11, 2007

A few weeks ago I was pleased to see these forming on my Meyer lemon tree:

However, the five little lemons that had begun growing shortly turned yellow... and fell off.

What gives?

The tree is indoor-grown by a sunny window that gets a good deal of daylight from a NE exposure. All leaves look healthy and I only water every couple of weeks, when the soil is dry several inches down. I only fertilize every three-four weeks with azalea fertilizer, diluted heavily.

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Sorry...meant to say that my Sambo was dropping some immature fruit, not the Eureka. Not that it matters, but just for accuracy. :-)

No edit button in this forum, you know.

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Meg, it's true that a certain percentage of immature fruit drop from a tree, but I think it happens moreso changing environments. Just like many flowering plants drop flowers once they come home w/us.
Also, a NE exposure may not be enough light for citrus,...a tree that devours sun.
Is it possible to set outdoors in summer? If not, do you have a brighter window? South or west?
Otherwise, your doing everything right. Good luck, Toni

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