Pomelo sprout blooming

gaucheJuly 18, 2010

I have bunch of pomelo sprouts growing in 2 9-inch pots. They are only 7 months old from the time I planted them from seed (I grow everything from seed) and are about 6.5 inches tall. One of the sproutlings started to develop a white bulb where the shoot apical meristem should be. I had replanted them from their original seed pots only a month prior. At first I thought the bulb might be a disease or an insect that buried inside and made a home. After a week the bulb burst to reveal a flower.

How is that possible?! I don't think the plant has reached maturity yet since I have 5 year old pomelo plants as well.

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I've read about grapefruit seedlings getting 1 terminal flower (a flower at the end of a branch) and then not flowering again for years. It is apparently pretty rare, but does happen. It must have been a big shock!

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

that's very interesting. Could you provide us a picture? :)

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It's quite common on grapefruit seedlings, but I'd not seen it on a pummelo. Still, it makes sense, since pummelo is one of the parents of grapefruit.

By the way -- I'll make my usual apology about being pedantic. But just to keep us all "correct," "pomelo" (with an o and one m) is the old-fashioned name for grapefruit, Citrus paradisi. "Pummelo" (with a u and 2 m's) is the alternate name for the shaddock (Citrus grandis / C. maxima), which I suspect is the plant you refer to.

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@kemistry, Pictures like you asked. I don't know how to resize them so they ended up huge.

The two pots:

Close up under the flowering one:

It has been week and a half now since blooming so I guess it either got pollinated or it gave up:

What a normal SAM should look like for the species:

Both together to show the differences:

@malcolm , Pardon me, Pomelo is what we use in Eastern Europe so I thought it was the same state-side. But of course we also still use Oceania, Britannia, and Germania daily so I should expect more words to be out-of-date.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

gauche, your seedlings look great! And the flowering one is interestingly cute! Thanks for the pictures :)

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