My Meyer Lemon Tree

hsmallJuly 8, 2012

I have 2 new 4ft meyer lemon trees one has small golf ball size fruit on it and had been blooming like crazy and when it starts getting fruit on it they turn yellow and fall off. Its been real hot here 99 degrees most days. I use Mirical grow once every 2 weeks. and water with well water. Please HELP!!!!! Thanks

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Let's start with the basics and we can give you some specific advice. Are these trees inground or are they in containers? Do you know what rootstock they are planted/grafted on? Can you post some pictures?

If they are new trees, it probably means they have been moved lately and Meyers are sensitive to that. If the tree has fruit now, it is less likely to set new fruits; instead it will shed what it cannot support.

Miracle grow is not a very good fertilizer; I would change it to a good balanced citrus fertilizer and apply it about 4 times per year. One of the "quirks" of Meyers is if they get too much nitrogen during the bloom period, they will sometimes dump all the flowers and new fruits and grow leaves instead.

The hot temperatures don't help, especially if they are in the sun and in black pots; the roots get semi-cooked.

Anyway, these are just guesses and general advice; answer the questions above and post some fotos to get better answers.

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