Teeny tiny Meyer lemons turn black ... or yellow

heckaboreJuly 16, 2011

I have two Meyer lemons--one in a pot and one in the ground. They are both about 10 years old. Occasionally (like now) some of the fruit turns black or prematurely yellow when it is only about 1/4" to 1/2" in diameter. In the past, this has happened only on the potted tree, I think, but this year I have some tiny black fruit on the tree in the ground as well. Otherwise, the trees look great, the leaves are healthy, and the fruit that does mature is good. I live in Walnut Creek, CA--it gets pretty hot here in the summer and cool (rarely freezes) in the winter.

Anyone have any ideas what's causing this problem?

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It's normal. The tree will set far more blooms and fruit than it can support, and then drops whatever it can't support. They all do this.

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i wouldn't worry too much about it, its just how they are. they'll have tons of flowers to improve the chances of getting pollenated. usually most of the flowers get pollenated, but the tree can't support that many fruit and it will drop quite a few of them.

if the tree drops all of the fruit, then something may be wrong.

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