wintering little broken clematis

ggrumke(z8OR)October 3, 2009

I just purchased an unlabeled clematis in a quart pot for a dollar. The stem is bent over, not quite broken. I am looking for advice--if this was a healthier clematis, I would plant out doors right now. I am a little concerned since it doesn't have foliage below the bend in the stem. Can I put it in a pot and grow indoors, leave in the garage, or go ahead and plant outside in the garden?

Advice appreciated.


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I'm no expert, but have grown quite a few clematis and I've overwintered frail ones under lights in the house and also planted them out in early fall and left them to fend for themselves in our bitter winters. Both methods have been successful. If the clem has a chance to develop a good root systemÂin zone 6 that shouldn't be a problemÂthere's every reason to think it will sprout for you in the spring. I'd make a nice big hole and fill it with good soil and plenty of compost to make the roots feel welcome. Also plant it a couple of inches below the soil line (from where it was in the pot). GarystPaul

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Thanks Gary, planting right now outside is my preference. I will go ahead and put it outside--if is doesn't make it I am only out a dollar.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I would plant it outside now, make sure you plant it deeper than it is in the pot.

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