Grow Paul Farges up a Weeping Maple?

greenhavenrdgardenOctober 26, 2011

I planted 12 clems this fall and I have 2 left that I am unsure about. I have a Virginiana and a Fargesioides.

I was hoping to plant the Fargesioides to grow up my Weeping Japanese Maple (its full grown but a smaller tree-aprox 12-15ft high and very wide spread weeping down to the ground)). Can anyone tell me if this is a bad idea? Will the clem damage my tree? I thought the white flowers would look great against the deep red leaves but I'm worried the expensive full grown tree will get ruined. I bought the PF because I had heard it is a 'lighter' vine but now I'm second guessing myself.

Also, if it is a bad idea, which if the 2 I have left are prettier to pair with a Jackmani Superba I have planted at the base of a very visible trellis?

Thanks in Advance.


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I would not call Paul Farges a 'lighter' vine by any means! I keep a framework of older stems and only cut back the growth that arose from them the previous year. Those old stems are at least 1" wide now they are 6-7 years old or so. I'm not sure how big they'll get eventually but it looks like they could get to a significant size. How would you cut it back in the tree in the spring without damaging the tree? It doesn't sound like your tree is big enough to take it. I have a friend who grows a Paul Farges into a tree - but it's a big, mature tree in a wilder part of her acreage and she just lets it be. That approach wouldn't likely work in either a smaller tree or a smaller garden.

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