meyer lemon tree

ralph31558(z8GA)July 5, 2011

This is my 4th meyer lemon tree. i have had no success with them. the one iv'e had this one since the spring , when bought it from a nursery it looked great, full of leaves and about to start budding . It flowered great and had kots of pea size fruit . i watered very little and did not let it dry out. i seem to be having the same problem with every tree i get. leaves fall off then the fruit dry up and fall off , then the tipsof the branches start getting a dark brown. Should i just give ur or should i try a different type of lemmon. It has been very hot in my area, so it is getting plenty of sun.What can anyone sugest.

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Out of curiosity are you using regular potting soil, or a 'soilless' medium that consists primarily of pine bark, hardwood bark, or coconut husk?

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Ralph, if you can post some photos, that would be extremely helpful. You can upload your photos to, then copy the .html code, and then paste that entire code string right into your message, and your photos will show up right in your message, making it very easy for us to read and view photos at the same time. And, I take it? you're planting in a pot and not directly in the ground? You say you "watered very little", I'm concerned that your little Meyer lemon trees are perhaps not getting enough water. If you're dealing with a potted lemon tree, what potting mix are you using? And, are you fertilizing regularly? All citrus need fertilizing, potted trees more often. Lastly, how much sun is "plenty of sun"? It could be that you're giving your new little tree too much hot summer sun. A new citrus in Georgia may need some respite from hot afternoon sun.

Patty S.

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