Question on Meyer Lemon rooted cutting

partyprincessJuly 4, 2010

Hello All!

I guess I am officially addicted to growing citrus now. I have just acquired a Meyer Lemon that is basically a stick about 11" tall with four leaves - it's a long story. It is not grafted. I say it does not have a graft because there were several sticks coming up from the "soil" when I rescued it rather than one rootstock. The others were dead. I teased apart the roots while gently washing and got the roots for this one. The pot it was rescued from did have the nursery tag stating it is a Meyer. I potted it in 5:1:1 and am keeping it out of full sun because it is on shaky ground. The roots did not look bad when I potted it. There was one branch with a small lemon on it but I pruned it off because I don't think that the "tree" could support that fruit. What do I do now? I will use Foliage Pro and vinegar and it is in a fast draining mix. I would like to grow a long straigt main trunk and then encourage growth up top. I did stake it and it is straight. How can I encourage growth in height and diameter and help keep this pitiful stick alive. ANY tips would be appreciated.


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

You can encourage the tree to grow up by pruning the side shoots off the trunk and leaving only the ones that grow up. Time is really the best way to increase the trunk diameter, and it can go even faster if you can put the tree in the ground. Just keep the roots moist and in the shade for a few weeks and you should be fine.

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mksmith, thanks for the info. There was one side shoot which I removed it when I brought it home. It is literally a stick with 5 leaves. I will keep it in the shade and monitor moisture as you suggested.


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