Thursday Tea...first tea of April :)

lavender_lass(4b)April 7, 2011

It's sunny and beautiful, but cold, outside today. At least it's not raining or snowing...and I got the sweet peas planted last weekend!

Today, I'm having my cinnamon muffins with Earl Grey. They're so good together...but I am looking forward to changing things up a bit, when the weather gets warmer. Maybe a raspberry tart or lemon square...with brambleberry tea :)

What are your plans for today? Have you been able to do any gardening? Are you indoors or outside, for your tea?

Have a wonderful Thurday and enjoy your tea!

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Oh, my is it time for Thursday Tea again already? I better get the kettle on. Sure need something to warm me up. I fell asleep in the chair awhile ago in front of the window with the sun beaming through, but my arms were cold when I woke up. I had the black and white checked throw over my lap.

I think I'll go down to the bakery and find something special for today. Yorkshire Gold will be my choice of tea. I bought another tea cup on Ebay yesterday! It was on a whim, totally not necessary; but it's "Bluebell Wood" by Royal Albert, one in their Country Scenes collection. My birthday is in May, so I'll justify it as being an early gift to myself. :)

Well, I'm headed to the bakery, might pick up something at the market for supper as well. Glad you got your sweet peas planted, Lass. I have a feeling my garden will go in late this year.

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Schoolhouse- Do you have a picture of your new tea cup? Happy Birthday early! :)

I think you're right, spring is really late for us this year, too. Usually the daffodils are blooming by the end of March, but so far, all I have blooming are a few wild violets.

Have fun at the bakery. I hope you find something tasty to go with your tea!

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Well, after talking about planting, it finally looked warm enough to go outside and plant my little violas (Johnny jump ups?) from Lowe's and some white alyssum. I planted them all under the purple raspberries, since it was the only spot dry enough to plant!

Now I have all my little annuals planted, until I go back to the store...when I'm sure I'll get more. It's so hard to resist those cheerful little flowers...especially anything purple! Next time, I'm going to look for stock and lavender alyssum :)

Enjoy your tea...I'm going to make a big mug of Earl Grey and warm up!

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My gosh it came already today. A new cup for my new kitchen:

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