Thursday Tea in April...with snow!

lavender_lass(4b)April 21, 2011

It's April 21 and it's still snowing! And the daffodils are budded out, but still not blooming. This is the latest spring ever...but it is supposed to be in the 50s and sunny for the next three days :)

For tea today, I'm staying in and staying warm...drinking my Earl Grey and eating my last two cinnamon muffins. If it ever warms up, I'll switch to something fruity, but for now, I'm staying with my cinnamon! LOL

How about you? Warm and sunny, cold and wet, or just a typical breezy April day? Are you doing anything special for tea...any snacks/desserts?

I hope you have a lovely Thursday and enjoy your tea!

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Snow? Oh,no! Well, today it was very chilly - but sunny - all morning until about 2pm.when it did warm up. Right before that, I decided I'd better get off my duff and out to the courtyard for some clean up. Have to work on shedding these extra 10lbs.I gained this winter if anything. Doesn't help that I'm having the last of the powdered donuts with my tea today. :) I'm waiting for the tea to brew in the pot.

Snapped a couple pics awhile ago of the daffodils, there are more but I can't seem to get a good angle without the neighbors house right there in the photo.

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I forgot to post this photo of a flower I discovered blooming right up through the creeping phlox and English Ivy in one of the small sunken gardens. It looks so much like the bluebells on my tea cup, but I have no idea what it really is. Don't remember ever planting anything like it in this spot, and how it managed to push its way up through the ivy is a mystery. By the time I discovered it today, the blooms have become a faded blue. Just a solitary stalk.

Perhaps I'll post in Discussions for opinions.

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It is a Glory of the Snow, just stretched a bit because of a long journey towards the sun.

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valree3(Nv zone 4)

This morning we had rain, hail, snow and now its sunny with really strong winds! Love springtime in Nevada! I have a question - how do you post pictures on this forum? Make the answer simple I'm not very good with this computer stuff. I love tea, but I think I'll make a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream! Thanks for your help.

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Schoolhouse- Beautiful pictures! Thanks for's so nice to see some pretty spring blooms :)

Valree- Hot chocolate sounds very good, even in April!

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

It is sunny but a north wind is blowing making it a little on the cool side. My electric Mantis was delivered a couple of days ago and I'm just itching to try it out. This one has a kick stand Yea, you just have to plug it in and hit the switch :).
I've had the gas model for donkeys years but I have to get DH to start it for me, this getting old really sucks at times.
I'm not sure what liquid refreshment I'll end up having this afternoon, maybe tea, maybe not :) Whatever the weather or what you're doing I hope you're all having a great afternoon.


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LL, I haven't been participating in Thursday Teas altho always have tea every day. Sorry you're having snow still, spring is slow coming here but no more snow, for which I am very grateful.

Always love to see pics of your tea trays and your garden, Schoolhouse! Thanks for the inspiration.

Valree3, posting pics on this MB only *seems* difficult, once you learn how it's easy. I usually post from my "Photobucket" account. If you do it this way have your Photobucket album window open to the pic as well as the thread window, then move your cursor over the pic you want to post that is in your Photobucket and several codes will show below the pic (or to the side if you have the pic in it's own window). Click on the HTML code and it will automatically copy. Then past that in the thread message window where you want it to post. Leave a space above and below the pic code in your message as it looks nicer. Always check to make sure the pic shows when you preview your message. If the pic doesn't show it means you haven't posted the correct code and you can correct in the preview window and try again.

The other way to post pics on this message board is to use "TinyPic". You upload your pic directly from your computer, then copy the HTML for Websites code, paste that in your forum post, and it will show in your post.

There is lots more info on 'how to do stuff' on this forum at the link below.

Give it a try and you'll easily learn how to do it and we can all enjoy your pics! :-) If you have problems just ask and you'll get help.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to do stuff on garden web posts

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Should have proof-read more carefully - that should be 'paste' not 'past'! LOL

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Luckygal- Nice to see you over here :)

It was actually warm and sunny this past weekend (beautiful Easter!) but now it's raining...and you guessed it...snow for tomorrow.

The good news is the daffodils are blooming on the other side of the farmhouse and the ones in our yard look about to bloom. Finally, I think spring is almost here!

Annette- Any pictures of your new Mantis? :)

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valree3(Nv zone 4)

luckygal-Thanks for the info. on posting pics.! When the yard is growing and cleaned up a bit more I'll try posting! Thanks again.

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