Nelly Moser

greenhavenrdgardenNovember 11, 2011

I have a Nelly Moser still in the 1 gallon container from the nursery and STILL blooming like crazy. Five blooms opened today. I'm planning in keeping it in a pot bc I haven't a permanent place ready for it. Should I cut it back hard when I plant it in a better container and what kind of pot should I put it in? Can I keep it in my garage over the winter or on a covered porch? I'd hate to kill it bc it's beautiful but I am new to clematis. Thanks for any help. Laura

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Laura, I overwinter clematis in gal. containers by digging a hole and putting plant, still in pot, in the hole so that the container is even with the ground. Firm dirt around plant and later cover with leaf mulch. I have an area, which I call my clematis nursery, specifically for overwintering potted clematis. I also use my empty veg. beds to overwinter clematis and other potted plants.

In the spring when I am ready to plant I pull the pot out of the hole and plant the clematis as usual, 3-4 inches lower than the level the plant was in the pot. I like to leave enough vine so there is still some vine above ground but it will grow even without vine showing. Regardless of the pruning requirements of the clematis, newly planted clematis are cut back hard for the first 2-3 years to help with root development and encourage more stems from the crown.

I also overwinter some clematis is my unheated garage but they are in 18" diameter plastic pots so I don't know how your gal. container will do in the garage. Those I cut back hard as they are easier to store that way. These stay in the pots and are grown on my deck and patio.

In z:6 you may be able to leave a large pot outside as clematis are mostly hardy to z:4 and the rule of thumb is 2 zones hardier than area zone will be okay outside for the winter.

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Thank you for the response. I just ordered a bunch of clematis books from Amazon so hopefully I'll know more by spring. I saw a clematis for the 1st time this summer and I am HOOKED. I bought 14 so far and am making lists of more that I want- I just need to find more spots for them :)

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Welcome to growing these beautiful plants, Laura. It is easy to become addicted to clematis. I have over 80 with only a few duplicates and am always looking for a new trellis, fence or other support to grow them. I like them not only for their lovely blooms but also because they are easy to grow and don't need dividing like perennials.

Today when I was cleaning the garden I saw that my Nellie Moser has a new bloom. It was planted last spring so I will cut it back hard after the bloom has finished. With several very cold days, (30s for highs) this week the blossom may not last long.


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