Question About Growing Clematis

alameda/zone 8November 30, 2012

I live in east Texas - it varies from warm to cool to chilly this time of year. I bought lots of clematis in the fall - they are all growing well in fairly large pots. When should I think about transplanting them in the ground? Should I let them continue to grow and overwinter in their pots? Anything I can do to keep them growing well - osmocote, miracle gro, ???? I have them potted in excellent soil with wood chip mulch. I do want to grow them in the ground - just not sure when to do it. Advice appreciated! Thanks...

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Judith, if you do a search at the bottom of the discussion page you will find many postings from Jeannie from Houston. I recall that she said that fall is a good time to plant clematis in TX to take advantage of the fall rains. I don't know if that time is past now.

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Hello Judith, a Clematis is a very robust plant. Hard to kill.
Suggest you plant just before the spring, dig a hole a little deeper than the plant as it is now in the pot, put a little bonemeal and swirl it around the soil at the bottom of the hole including a little soil that is present. Put your plant in not deeper than it is in the pot. Firm the soil when finished and after some water 'Bob is your Uncle'!! (sorry, soil means dirt!)

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Since your ground won't freeze, I would plant your clematis now. That will allow it to get some good root growth before your hot, dry summer arrives. Clematis don't like to dry out, and having good root growth established will help them survive the first year in the ground. Also, most folks plant their clematis a few inches deeper in the ground than they were in the pot. They are one of the few plants that prefers this treatment.

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alameda/zone 8

Now that the holiday season is almost over....I will have more time to garden. I will plant, thanks to you advice, my clematis in excellent holes. Hopefully it will give them time to establish roots and start growing well in spring. Thank for the advice!

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

Don't be afraid to plant in shady conditions as in a few hours of sun light. Many clematis do very well for me even here in Illinois in less than full sun. In Texas they'll appreciate a break from sun. You can check your selections with Clematis On The Web you'll be surprised how many are any light aspect. Pat

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Make sure you plant them deep and cut them back when you do plant. They never want to get bone dry either. They are not drought tolerant.

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ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)

wow!! maybe that is why I have been a clematis killer!! not deep enough! I have a few more waiting to be planted, and will go Texas not far from you, alameda. So, six inches? say, four inches deeper than what they are already in the quart sized pot? Alameda, have you ordered these or bought locally? Can I ask what variety you have found to do well 'round here? Thanks. ANd hope they do well for you!

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alameda/zone 8

I ordered all mine except the ones in the baggies from Lowes, which I couldnt resist. I ordered from Garden Crossings, Joy Creek and Brushwood. All were excellent suppliers. I bought the ordered ones in the fall and potted them in 2 gallon pots - they had great root systems. We didnt have a bad winter so no really terrible cold spells - though we do get alot of freezing temps - just nothing worse than 26 a few times. All but a couple are coming out just fine. Several are really coming on and starting to vine and circle their bamboo stakes. Vyvvan Pennell has 2 huge buds! The ones I bought at Lowes, I put in smaller pots as their root systems were so small. I liken buying these to buying "body bag" roses early in the season. I do that too....just cant help it, have to start growing something!

I am just now starting to plant them in the ground. I didnt get the several big beds finished when I thought I just now starting to plant. The ones I have had that have done well for me are: Mrs. Chomondeley - this is an OLD plant I have had for close to 30 years - it traveled with me from another home. It blooms and grows great - highly recommended! I also had [before my fall buying spree], Niobe [a healthy plant and a great bloomer!], Fireworks - very healthy but need to move this one to a bit more sun. Violet Charm - very healthy and probably needs more sun but blooms nicely anyway. I had Ernest Markham in a pot for over a year and finally planted it in the ground - it took off immediately. Of the Lowes plants, Nelly Moser took off and hasnt looked back. She is strong and healthy - so is Henryi. I got Belle of Woking, Ville de Lyon and Warsaw Nike later so they have some catching up to do. I particularly admire Mrs. Chomondeley and Niobe for overall healthy and ease of growing. I also planted a Jackmanni that had been potted a year or so and it took off and bloomed beautifully last fall.

I am not sure if one does better than another - I think if their planting, water, fertilizing, light needs are met - they will perform. Good luck with yours!

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