Do Citranges Have Just One Flush of Growth Each Year?

gonebananas_gwJuly 5, 2010

Do Citrus-Poncirus hybrids just have a spring flush of growth and no (or rare) additional flushes in summer?

Or at least do they do this outdoors in colder climates?

I have one behaving this way, though it has a few other complications.

A single main flush seems possible because Poncirus is deciduous in the colder parts of its range.

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Not knowing if your tree is in ground or container little advice can be given, but in general you should be getting 2-3 flushes per year, the average is 3, yet some will get 4.

As indicated in your above posting ( though it has a few other complications.) Maybe one, of a few problems preventing this.

Citrus are always active in growing, 2-4 months roots, 2-4 months top growth. although cooler or very hot weather may slow the process. Regards Tom

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Other complications:

~8 feet tall
-Grown for years (fruiting) in a 25 gallon pot
-Transplanted this spring, after first flush
-Transplanted bare root (a few hours out, roots in damp sawdust)
-Trimmed much of the new flush off when de-potted to reduce water needs after transplanting.
-Been very hot.
-Shade in morning for first month or so, then those trees removed several weeks ago.

It has been watered and gently fertilized.

It was so far into other plants for those other years that I simply never noticed (or remembered) whether it had later flushes in the summer.

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