Epson Salts and Citrus

birdsnbloomsJuly 8, 2006

Does anyone use Epson Salts on their citrus? If so, please tell me the results.

How much and often do you apply? Do you notice any difference in foliage?

How will it effect variegated leaves? I've heard ppl say they keep green leaves greener, so if this is the case, will it harm variegated leaves?

Also, when I fertilize plants, I also use Superthrive hormone..can I add the ES's the same time I use fertilzier? Thanks, Toni

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I use it at a rate of two tablespoons per tree(in ground Citrus) every time I apply fertilizer which is about every three months. I consider it a success since I see no sign of magnesium deficiency in my trees.

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What about for in potted citrus plants?

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I too need info on growing in containers. But thanks for the info on feeding in the ground cause I have Poncirus and Flying Dragon growing outside..Toni

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Toni I read a post somewhere here that said to use the ES at the rate of 1 tbl to a gallon of water, monthly. I have given my citrus one dose and did mix it with the ST. I haven't noticed any difference but I had no yellowing to begin with. I'd be interested to see from someone who actually is knowledgeable about citrus respond because I'm pretty much a citrus novice (as you know lol).

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Epson= Japanese computer printer manufacture
Epsom= Small town in England with strange tasting spring water.
As a former resident of Epsom, I always have to correct this!
I also add some Epsom Salts a couple of times a year to container citrus. This certainly does no harm to variegated plants.

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Thanks Karyn,
I used 1/2 teas per gallon cause I wasn't sure and didn't want to apply too much, but I'm going to use once a month..One woman I talk to swears by the stuff and of what I saw, her plants do look good, though none are citrus.

Cit, sorry about the spelling. I alwasys pronounced and heard it pronounced Epson salts..should have read the container..LOL So, it's Epsom salts..Oke-e-doke. Toni

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I use it at 1 Tbl. /gal. I just add it to the fertilizer when I fertilize. All my citrus are in pots. I fert. with miracle grow acid, and add the epsom, and a few drops of superthrive. Not sure of specifics of each one but I have nice green leaves and on all the trees and most have had fruit set, with the exception of the grafted blood orange (grrr) but it is @ 3yrs old and I've heard they take their sweet time. I keep all these citrus in pots. A few days ago I purchased a grafted, variegated lemon tree at a farmer's market for 11.90. A very nice looking tree with a lot of leaves and fruit. I thought it was a good deal until I repotted it and saw it didnt have many roots! But they do look white and healthy! (arrg-you get what you pay for I guess) I haven't tried the epsom on it yet because I just repotted it. I will try it later, though. It has nice variegation now and I will be interested to see if it changes any. It has a few striped fruit as well. I use epsom on basically everything and most of my plants arent variegated. I do have one ginger that is yellow/grn variegated and it has reverted to mostly green - so it makes me wonder...

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SJN, thanks so often do you fertilize? Next month when I feed again, I'll add a whole tablespoon.
So, you're wondering if your ginger lost color because of the ES?
Is the citrus you have a variegated lemon? That's what it sounds like to me..I only have 3 variegated citrus..2 lemons and a variegated kumquat. Thanks so much..Toni

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IMHO...variegation is a genetic trait. In some plants it is a weak mutation, very unstable and more prone to revert to solid green. You would not change the color of your blonde hair to brunette by consuming only brown foods, would you? Same thing.( no comments from Miss Clairol users) Growers of variegated plants routinely pinch off any non-variegated sprouts, and they never propagate with a non-variegated cutting. Using ES may correct leaf yellowing due to a Mg imbalance, but it will not alter the genetics of the individual plant. Ray.

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Thanks Ray..LOL, on the Miss Clairol..
Changing from variegated to green was my main concern..I already gave my citrus a dose of the ES's so we'll see how they do..I added fertilizer, Superthrive and the ES's.
But as usual, this is the third time this happened..everytime I fertilize, it rains a day or two after..I fed them Sunday, and we had a ton of rain on Tues. I wonder if the rain just washes the food out of the drainage holes..anyone have any opinions? Toni

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Hi Toni - what brand of epsom salts did you get? I saw some at Lowe's - 5 pound bag from an organic producer. Did you get something like that or just plain old epsom salts (bath salts)? Thanks, Jeff

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Jeff, I got plain old Epsom Salts..didn't know there was another types.
I don't have a Lowe's around here anyway..sigh..I only got a small box of these salts, but if I like the way they work I'll look for bigger containers.,.Toni

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