Which species of Selenicereus?

parodise(Germany)October 26, 2013

Hello everyone,
I recently purchased from different sellers two sets of Selenicereus cuttings. Both sets were sold under the name Selenicereus grandiflorus/Queen of the Night. Interestingly, as you can see in the picture, the cuttings look quite different, both in terms of the color and the distribution of areoles on the stem. The flowers on the mother plants differ slightly, too.
My question is, are these really S. grandiflorus? As I understand, there are many differnet strains of Selenicereus "grandiflorus" in cultivation both here in Europe and, I would guess, in the US, too. Does anyone grow anything similar with a precise ID? Could these be crosses of different Selenicereus species? S. pteranthus? S. macdonaldiae? I would greatly appreciate any help with IDing the plants...

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Here's the mother plant of the unrooted cuttings (on the right in the previous post's picture.

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And this is the mother plant of the cuttings on the rooted cuttings on the left.

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Isn't that S. grandiflora, all of them? The difference is new growth (very square), older growth, often 6-sided, and the color also varies. I grow them, but not as nicely as you do. You have a nicely grown plant.

Does the plant only make one batch of flowers? Mine only sets one bunch, and I was wondering if that is normal or if other people can coax several seasons of bloom from their plant.

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Dzitmoidonc, thanks for the compliments, but the two adult plants in the pics are the mother plants of the sellers I bought cuttings from - I'm just starting out and am afraid have a long way to go before I get anything like those two....
Anyway, the cuttings seem to be really different - particularly, spination and the ribs (not just the number, but also their shape). I'll definitely keep your comments in mind - you do have a point regarding old/new growth.
Have you grown yours from cuttings/seed? How old is your plant? When did it start blooming?

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That's pretty,

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