Broken seedpod question.

figara(Ca 9)December 1, 2011

Last night we had strong winds and this morning all my potted plants were on the ground. I have broken brunches and broken seedpods. Few were small and did not save them but 3 of them are big. One(I did not take any picture of it)the seeds' cork was formed but was white and I planted them. The other, the seeds' cork is brownish (see picture). The 3rd one is attached to a piece of the mother brunch and I did not open it yet.

Now the questions :

-the brownish seeds can be dried or I have to plant them right away?

- should I try to plant the brunch which has the seedpod attached to it hopping that will root and the seedpod will continue to ripe ?

What is your advise?


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Plant them immediately to have a chance. If you allow unripe seeds to dry they'll shrivel. I think the brownish ones are probably too immature to allow to dry. Plant some and see what happens if you allow the rest to dry. You don't want to plant all of them any how, do you? As for the ones still attached to the stem I'd put the stem in water and see if they'll mature. If they are developed enough they might. Good luck.

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